Saturday, December 08, 2007

growing up...

Ella...Just to let you know..your dad and I spent the first 2 weeks of your life praying that you would gain weight and grow. Gaining weight has never been something we've had to pray for around here! (In case you don't were more interested in playing around than actually eating.) Now that you have gained weight and seem to be growing and changing each day...we are praying that time will slow down! That you will be a tiny newborn for a little while longer. (I can't lie, we want you to be a tiny newborn but with the sleep patterns of a lazy teenager.)
I left your hospital bracelets on you for several days. It was as if cutting the tags off meant that you weren't so new anymore. Finally, your dad insisted that I cut them off because he thought they were hurting you. I cried (but of course!) as I cut them off and put them aside to tape in your baby book later. When you are grown up you will not believe that such a teeny-weeny piece of plastic ever fit around your wrist. I will save it so that you can see it and so that we can chat about it over dinner some evening. Perhaps you will be pregnant with your first baby and you will be curious about your own birth. I will tell you everything...especially about how beautiful you were and about how we had prayed for you all along. It will be a great conversation.
Last weekend, I took you in our room to change you and tears sprang to my eyes once again as I realized that the very last of your "tags" had fallen off. Your umbilical cord. This, indeed, meant that you were officially grown up and it broke my heart. I wasn't prepared. I thought we had another week with you as "Newborn Isabella." I yelled for your dad to come and see. Instead of crying, he was so excited because now we could bathe you. He's been talking about your first bath since you were about one half of an inch big, nestled cozily in my belly. Why? I don't know...but he was just sure that you would love the water and that it would be so fun. Later that evening...we put his theory to the test. Sure enough, father knows best. You seemed to love your bath. You were as content as can be and spent a big part of your tub time gazing at your reflection in the mirror. I don't blame you sweet baby...I spend a large part of my days just gazing at you. You are amazing.

You should also know a couple of things about these photos....
~Our bathroom has been crazy messy since the day you came home. I keep thinking I'll clean it...but then it's time to feed you again and the mess just gets further out of control. I think today is the day though. During one of your naps...I plan to conquer the bathroom!
~We took pictures of us with you but I decided against printing them since your dad and I are both sweating like we just ran a marathon due to the fact that we put the space heater in the bathroom to keep you from getting cold. I would guess that the temperature reached about 100 degrees by the time we finished up. Are we a bit overly concerned about you catching a cold? Maybe.
~It might appear that your dad has no decent clothing to wear since he was sporting a vintage polo t-shirt (complete with requisite hole) for your first bath experience. Later on in life, he might try to blame this on you. He might try to say that he was forced to wear tattered clothing because your diapers were so expensive. That would be something he would do...he's quite the funny guy. In reality though, I'm here to tell you that your dad has worn those extra soft, extra old polos at home for many years. They are his matter how ratty they look. He's made many sacrifices for you, that is true...but the holes in his shirt have nothing to do with the price of your pampers, sweet pea.
~Nope, your hair is not the least bit red. It's actually medium brown. For some reason, any picture we take of you with the flash on makes you look like you are a strawberry blonde.
~Lastly, we loved your first bath as much as you did. Thanks for another unforgettable experience.

PS...aunt libby, the monogrammed towel/wrap was the perfect end to a first bath. thanks.


Mike & Casey Wallace said...

She is just gorgeous, Sara! Precious.

JenniferPants said...

I love hearing the story of your first days at home. I'm so curious about what it will be like for us. Plus, I think about y'all all the time. I'm so glad things are going well. Bath time looks so sweet. I always remember the pictures my Mom took of me in the baby tub. Very memorable for some reason.

Anonymous said...

Oh Sara, she is PERFECT!! I see a lot of her Mama in her!!

~Kristen~ said...

OMG Sara!!! I haven't "blog-surfed" for quite a long time...obviously!!! :-) I had no idea you were expecting! Congratulations on the arrival of baby Isabella!!! She is gorgeous!!! You must be over the moon excited. i am so happy for you. I will have to remember to check in more often.

Your friend from GLU,
Kristen ;-)

The Adventures of Maverick & the Mrs. said...

Oh my gosh! She is PRECIOUS!!! And how cute is your blog?!?! I love how you are writing to her! Enjoy every second!