Thursday, December 20, 2007


-together, d.r., summer 07

today i am thankful for you, tommy. this journey that we are know the one...the one where we get very little sleep but are so fully alive during all of the "moments" of the day..... this journey that can bring me to tears and bring us both to our knees in gratitude to God.... a journey that includes creative shift work, but returns a tiny unexpected smile that is worth more to us than we ever expected.... a journey that makes us both laugh out loud... a journey that smells a lot like a pee diaper but mostly like a huge blessing...
i really couldn't do it without you.
i'm the type of person who lives with her shoulders up around her ears. to say that i'm anxious and tense would be an understatement. but are my glass-half-full-gonna-be-alright guy. thanks for coming home to me (to us) each day. my shoulders drop, inch by inch, the moment i see your face. or, if i'm being honest...the moment i hear the garage door.
all my love to you.

**thanks to my step-mom (and one of my best friends) for taking the above picture of us...which is probably my favorite photograph of all time. you framed up, perfectly, the essence of "us."


Mike & Casey Wallace said...

Awwwwwwwe. Sara, I'll bet you're getting what YOU want for Christmas! Haha, kidding. That was too sweet.

Tommy said...


My love for you grows stronger by the day. You have done an unbelievable job with our baby girl. I am so very thankful to have you as my wife and as the mother of our child. Isabella and I are very blessed to have a woman in our lives with such a loving heart. You are everything to "us" and always know that it is your strength and love that keeps this family moving forward!!! We would be lost without you. We Love YOU!!!

Angie said...

I love that picture but I love what it represents...walking hand in hand through life with your best friend. Remember what really matters in life...each other! I love you guys.