Sunday, December 16, 2007


Hard to believe that I am 3 decades old now. In blog-style celebration...I will make a random thirty list...
1. I think it is amazing how being a mom can make me feel so old and so young at the same time. Last night on the way home from my birthday date with Tommy, he asked me (through his own yawns) if I wanted to go to one of our favorite places for a drink or two...after already having had a drink or two at the restaurant...I simply couldn't imagine being able to hold my eyes open through one more drink. (This, in case you didn't pick up on it, made me feel extremely OLD.) As we drove through downtown and saw all the people just on their way out--all I could think about was my pajama pants. (Again, feeling senior citizen old here!) On the other hand...I look at her sometimes and think...I am not old enough for this! I am way too young to be someone's mother! I don't have good advice to give...I hate vegetables....I often have coke with my breakfast...I can't even get myself ready to go somewhere on time...I have even forgotten to feed my dogs before. This is all proof that I am too young!
2. My parents came in for the weekend to help us celebrate and to watch Isabella while we ventured out on our very first date post-baby. It was so great to have them here...and also very great to go out with my husband. He started the day off right with my egg souffle breakfast from bed! And ended the day with dinner at my very favorite restaurant. We (make that I) only called home twice for an update.
3. Yikes, did I say 30 things? They are going to have to get considerably shorter.
4. Just finished an amazing book...The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls. It certainly took me a lot longer than it used to to finish a book--but I did finish it and it was so very good.
5. It is getting a wee bit easier to get up for that 3am-ish feeding. Big emphasis on the wee part. Still hard, but not quite as hard. Ella and I have been watching the rodeo on ESPN during her middle-of-the-night snack. Why the rodeo? If I watch something disturbing or scary--I ruin what little sleep I have the rodeo seems like a very neutral sort of thing to watch. Momma and baby are both well versed on bull riding now.
6. We are enjoying our sock advent gifts. It is such a fun thing to do. Ironically, almost more fun than actually getting the gift is the part of the note that says where to find the gift because it reminds us of good times in the past. For instance, Tommy's last note to me said to look for my gift in the very spot where I told him I was pregnant. My mind immediately flashed back to standing in the corner of the kitchen telling him the news with sweaty palms and a pounding heart.
7. Kite Runner, the movie is out! If the movie is half as good as the book...I am so excited to see it.
8. It is bitterly cold here today---but no white stuff.
9. I really need to get Ella's birth announcements out early this week. I always thought I would be the type of person who mailed them out in the first week. I clearly underestimated how sleep deprivation can squelch one's creativity.
10. I am very contradicting when it comes to Christmas gifts from Tommy. Most of me wants to say...I would really rather shop for my own gifts after Christmas so I can get things I want, etc. So just give me money or gift cards. But, this tiny immature part of my really likes the element of surprise that comes with him shopping for me.
11. I think I would like to make a family tradition of celebrating Christmas each year somewhere tropical....say, a resort in the Dominican...or Key West....or the Bahamas. Santa could stop by our place early...he could even leave a note that said "Your stockings will be filled on Christmas morning at the __________ Resort. Make sure you leave me a seashell instead of a cookie. Also, leave your balcony door cracked so I can get in (as long as you aren't on the first floor.)
12. Of the 24 hours in a day, I spend a good 7 hours putting the pacifier back in Isabella's mouth after she lets it fall out. The other 17 are spent looking for the pacifier.
14. I skipped the number between 12 and 14 because I am weird like that.
15. One of my favorite smells ever (besides the smell of my baby, of course) is Aveda products, particularly Sap Moss and Rosemary Mint. Just got some for my birthday from my sister in law. Thanks Brigit!
16. My favorite Christmas commercial this year is the Lexus one where the husband calls home to say that he can't pick the son up from practice. The wife is kind of miffed and comes out the front door to find the husband and the son in the driveway with a new Lexus and a big red bow. The husband smiles and says, "Just a little somethin'." I love it!
17. Justin and Lib sent me a Martha subscription for my birthday. I love magazines...and I love getting a subscription for a gift. It's truly the gift that keeps on giving.
18. I am LOVING the mail these days. Between baby congratulations cards, birthday cards, and Christmas cards...there is almost always something fun. As I always say, my favorite cards are those with pictures. It is especially fun to receive cards with photographs that I took!
19. Chris, Allison, and Jack will be here soon to stay with us and meet the baby. We can't wait.
20. My mother-in-law got me a baby book and I am excited to start writing in it. I plan to have 3 baby books for made online that will have all the photos from her birth and will tell her birth story, one that I will adhere one snapshot per page and journal about the picture, and one regular baby book. My pregnancy journal is huge and I still love looking through it. Hopefully she will love it, too. I totally enjoy looking through mine and Tommy's.
21. I saw a quote that said daughters and mothers are never closer than when the daughter becomes a mother. How very true.
22. I really thought that once the baby was born, my worrying would subside. I was so wrong. I have googled one million potential problems and worn out the first 50 pages of "What To Expect-First Year." I guess the worrying only gets worse the older she gets. I am in for it. Good thing I have a husband who isn't an alarmist like myself.
23. I have shopping left to do and gifts to wrap. The kids of the family all want money. Though it is easy--it isn't near as fun to give.
24. I am loving snickerdoodles and gingersnaps but have decided against baking any more of them since it takes me several hours to make them...and they seem to disappear within the evening.
25. The two baby items that we have gotten the most use out of so far (if you don't count the thousands of diapers and wipes we've gone through) have been the swing and the boppy pillow.
26. And the diaper champ...thank goodness for that.
27. And the Mylicon Gas Drops...those are very handy.
28. Lots of my tastes have changed after pregnancy but I still love doublemint gum and my favorite drink is still Moet (much to Tommy's dismay!)
29. The messy bathroom...seriously...tomorrow, I'm on it!
30. The treadmill....seriously..tomorrow, I'm on it....maybe...probably.

Glad to be thankful to God for the many, many blessings in my life. Looking forward to another great year.


Mike & Casey Wallace said...

Happy birthday, Sara! Hope to catch up with you guys over the holiday and meet that little beauty!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Sara!!! Congrats on the new baby also. I remeber those early days with Tyler so vividly. Although it was difficult (lack of sleep) it is a beautiful time. Tyler is already two and talking up a storm which makes taking care of him much easier. No more guessing if he's hungry now he makes sure I know he would like YUM YUMS. Enjoy your first Christmas as a mommy, it only gets better.
Stephanie Forest

Anonymous said...

Hi....Happy Birthday!! Thirty is just keeps getting me :-) Can't wait to see you and to meet Ella over Christmas.

BTW - I feel exactly the same about the whole "I'm too young to be someone's mother." It still astonishes me after two years!


the redhead said...

happy birthday sara.

Grandma Angie said...

Sara, You are more than capable in the motherly world. I am so very proud of you! Happy Birthday! Love Janae

P.S. Do I have to start paying rent for Ted? I had to give him directions to get home...Pop Pop is soooo very happy! :)

jus said...

i wish i had a cool name like 'pop pop'.

yo i acted like dad at the va DMV getting my new license (I am officially a va driver and resident although it took hours). I neglected to fill out the weight of my car, and the rude attendant said, "how much does your car weigh?" I shrugged and said sarcastically "2 tons." She said, "you haven't weighed ur car?" i said, "not since its been dieting." It was Ted Ryder material!!!

the blog is nice although i thought your 30 entry was a little lengthy. Haha- just kidding. I loved being updated on your life and miss you dearly. I wish we could grab lunch sometime and talk about how you are feeling as a mother. You've been amazing. Ella is the most beautiful child I have ever seen, and that picture is breath-taking.

Season's greetings. We miss you all.

Anonymous said...

I had a fantastic time this past weekend. I enjoyed my time with Ella, and look forward to my next baby sitting adventure. Oh...and your not to young to be a mother. You are right, Ella is quite a blessing. She reminds me of another little girl from thirty years ago.
Pop Pop

Anonymous said...

I meant you're not your. Maybe I should review before I publish!

Jessica McDougall said...

I love your list. So many things I could relate to or admire. I'm looking forward to turning 30 - it seems crazy, but there's a certain sense of self that comes with being THAT old!
Happy New Year!
Jessica McDougall