Friday, January 25, 2008

back to dreaming, a day at work, and other randomness

dreaming with daddy, december 07

*I am a big dreamer...unfortunately my dreams are usually bad. I have gone for several months with no dreams at all. I think I was so tired near the end of pregnancy that I slept hard and needless to say, I've been very tired since her birth and have been sleeping even harder. I guess it may be a sign that life is returning to normal because I had a dream last night that Isabella could count to twenty! There she my dream in the very same pajamas that we put her to bed in...just counting away. In the interest of full disclosure, she did skip 19...but for a 9 week old I'm willing to let that omission slide.

*Also, last night, I went to bed with my hair in a ponytail and woke up at about 3am with sore hair. Literally, my hair was sore to the touch! And the ponytail was not a tight one at all. I must have slept wierd or something. I had to get up and take an advil it was bothering me so much. I looked on the back of the bottle...there was no indication for sore hair but it worked anyway.

*I finally talked Tommy into renting "Running With Scissors" last night. I have wanted to see it ever since my bookclub read it back in August. Wow...I was super disappointed. I couldn't even stay awake to finish it. The book was interesting albeit very dark and twisted....but the movie was slow, I thought.

* The sub that took over for me when I left to have the baby had an appointment this week and needed a sub on Wednesday. I told her back in early December that I would do it...thinking to myself that January 23rd seemed like forever away. Well, it snuck right up! My mother in law babysat for us. It was good to see my class. I saw them all with the fresh perspective that each one of them is someone's precious baby. Clearly I knew that before...but having my own now really made me see them with a mother's eye. While it was very good to be was hard to be away. I missed her lots and skipped all errands and went straight to pick her up instead.

*I bought some pajama sleepers on sale at The Children's Place. They have a zipper as opposed to the 40 plus snaps that baby gap sleepers have. They might not be as cute...but they are so much easier. I can zip in the dark in the middle of the night...but to snap, the lights must come on full blast and still I usually manage to skip one and end up with a lopsided job.

*Tommy caught me talking baby talk to Ella this morning. (We promised each other we wouldn't do this!) "But it makes her smile," I said. "And," I added, "You talk to her like she is a business associate and she doesn't like that!" He came over and leaned down to her and said, "Are you ready to close some deals today?" She replied with a huge grin (which he got a huge kick out of!) Obviously, she likes baby talk AND business talk.

*I am so looking forward to Spring. I'd like to be on the beach right now, sipping on an iced mimosa, looking through the February issue of Martha, Ella under the umbrELLA taking a nap, Tommy sitting next to me drinking a beer....the sun shining in the middle of a big, blue sky. Now that sounds good. Instead, I am about to put on my NorthFace and head out into the subzero temperature.

*Glad it's Friday. Thanks for all the feedback on the doctor gifts. Any thank you gift is better than no thank you gift, right?


Anonymous said...

I thought the beach sounded good but after going with an 18 month old it is not a bit relaxing. No sipping drinks sitting under the umbrella as I would have imagined. My advise, you better get the beach before she starts crawling away. Of course she may be very interested in eating sand at that point a little bit shouldn't hurt. Something to think about.

Anonymous said...

Sara Ryder Floyd, you are such a sweetheart! Ella is so lucky to have you as a mommy- your blog is WAY cute. I need to meet this little cutie in person-stat!!!
love ya, marcie webster jones

joel and amy said...


Back to the previous post about the gifts...I am so glad that you just went ahead with them. I usually get so caught up in getting what I think is the perfect thing, that I end up with nothing at all! A type a personality can be like a HUGE roadblock! And many people forget to say thank you anymore, so pat yourself on the back and say GOOD JOB! By the way, on another note about the was VERY hard to let go and just let them be free with it, BUT it was all worth it when Hayes looked at me in bed that night and said, Mom..will you always be a good mom like you were today? WOW. All over a little paint! Have a great day and give Ella a little kiss! Amy

Anonymous said...

alright----i'm loving that pic of tommy and ella. they look alike, no?

chesnye said...

What a lovely blog. Your Ella is darling! My Bella Ruth is Isabella Ruth. Ruth was her Daddy's grandmothers name and my great grandmothers were Ella and Isabelle! We call her Bella Ruth. In fact I usually have it as one word. I noticed you are a teacher, what do you teach? I taught 8 years before staying home with my oldest. I usually taught nd grade, but 1st was my favorite.
Have a great Saturday!