Sunday, January 27, 2008


Here are a few excerpts from my pregnancy journal. I am attempting to show my cousin, who is expecting her first, (hi jen) that while it was the best one I found for us, I still had to add my own pictures and journaling, etc in areas that weren't designed particularly for that. I still need to finish it by adding the story of her birth at the end...which overlaps just slightly with her baby book...hoping to get that done soon before any more of the little details slip away. You should be able to click on all of these images to see them larger.

cover (in case someone reading this is pregnant and might want to buy it)
first two pages...just plain yellow with the same image from the cover. I (obviously) added all my own pictures to this area.
journaling right on the picture
Tommy wrote in it a couple of times in the spot that is has lined pages to journal in. I just dated each entry and crammed them in as close as possible

This picture is adhered to one of then chapter divider pages (hence the quote box peeking out from underneath.) It is a photo of how we told our parents the news.

Pretty sure I used the last couple of "My progress" (How I am feeling...How I'm looking...etc) pages to add photos. These are all about the nursery.
Same thing here....nursery photos and journaling.

I think I added the next few pages of pictures on the last few doctor visit record pages because I knew I only had two appointments left and there were extras.

I used half of one of the journaling pages for the ultrasound predictions.

I forget what this page was meant for...but I covered it in pictures.

This area was designed for "well wishes" for baby. Not sure if people were supposed to sign it or if they meant for you to adhere cards, etc. to the pages. In any event, I kept all the cards in a memory box and used the space, instead, for my own "wishes" for her. Don't know if you can see it or not...but the paint swatch is her furniture color and it is called "Wishes."

More journaling....

Other half of ultrasound page...I took a picture of a onesie that we received for a gift and journaled on the picture...which is, as you might have noticed, one of my favorite things to do.
This was another chapter divider page. I took a picture of a little gift I got for Tommy one date night (at about 38 weeks, I think) and stuck it here.

Yet another chapter divider page...

more journaling...

I followed the directions on this one and placed our couple's shower invite here.

Another spot to add cards from people...I added this instead and put the cards in her memory box.

Pictures and journaling about the shower.

Can't recall what this page was for but I added a photo of the stamps and baby stationery that we used for shower thank you notes..

I'm off to have a cup of coffee, rock my baby, and read a little of the Three Martini Play Date. (Thanks, Blake!)
Happy Monday...

#%&@$#moms...Blake outed you over beverages on Friday night....I know you are out there.....wink, wink!

If you entered the design mom giveaway...don't forget to check back today to see if you won. She doesn't email you...she just announces it on her site and then you email her. Check back often....she always has great stuff to give away!


-erin m said...

Sara your creativity makes me sick! :) Your journal is too cute. I wish I made time to do things like that. Ella is very lucky to have a mommy with such wonderful talents!

Alison said...

You are so creative and thoughtful- what a great gift to Ella! She is going to appreciate that so much when she's older. Love it!

susan said...

you are an inspiration. i kept quite a journal for mary margaret. but your post makes me realize that i need to GET IN GEAR--i am 5 months preganant w/ number TWO and haven't recorded anything!

JB & Angie said...

I'm amazed at what an incredible job you did with your journal. What a wonderful gift to give Isabella one day! You are a very talented, thoughtful, and blessed mommy!

The Adventures of Maverick & the Mrs. said...

That is so awesome! She is going to cherish that book! What a special thing for your whole family to share!

Jessica McDougall said...

wow -- the book looks amazing! i love how you journaled on the belly. what a great idea!

jessica mcdougall

Kerry said...

So lovely and creative!

JenniferPants said...

Hi! Thanks for sharing! So cute and such a treasure of memories for Ella. She will love to see how her parents were so excited for her arrival. You are so creative. Mine is not quite as crafty as yours but I have enjoyed documenting the whole experience. It is nice to have it written down to go back and reflect.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful are a wonderful mother... just as you have always been a wonderful daughter.

Brandy said...

i am so ashamed! i was just trying to fill in Oscar's blanks in his baby book this morning...too many blanks and not enough memory. you are so talented...and you know i'm jealous!