Wednesday, January 16, 2008

something funny

the last of the Christmas decor, december 07

The other day I took a load of darks out of the washer and started sorting them into "dryer" and "hang dry" piles. About one or two items into my sorting process, I noticed that they smelled TERRIBLE! Not the I-left-them-wet-in-the-washer-for-two-days-mildew, it was something way worse. In particular, it smelled very much like fish. Though I love hot summer days on the lake...I am not fond of fishy smells at all. I started sniffing all the garmets and they all smelled equally disgusting and fish-y. My mind was racing as to what this could possibly be?? Neither Tommy or I even eat fish (as if eating it would explain the smell? what? don't you ever put a fish stick in your coat pocket for later?) I was totally perplexed...and mad! The smell was so strong that I fully believed the entire load was ruined. And my ONLY pair of jeans that fit me, post pregnancy, were there in the fishy pile. Just as I was ready to carry a smelly shirt out into the living room for Tommy to sniff (you're welcome, babe) I saw a mysterious little purple piece of mush and immediately recognized it! AH-HAH! I had washed a prenatal vitamin that I had put in my jeans pocket to take when we went out to lunch the day before (which I clearly forgot to do.)
I can now assume that the pills are just as full of fish oil as the bottle says they are.
I'm happy to report that the whole load smelled delightful after two more washes and a generous amount of fabric softener!


Mike & Casey Wallace said...

Eeew. I'm surprised I didn't do the same thing with as many times as I toted those vitamins around in my pockets. Glad it all came out!

Anonymous said...

Your blog makes me laugh. I love your writing and photos. It's always a treat when you have posted something new. Ella is a very lucky girl to have you in her life.

Alison said...

I can't even imagine the smell! I'm glad it all worked out in the end. :)

Jessica McDougall said...

You're too funny!
Fish sticks in the pocket for later is an amazing visual.
Thanks for sharing.
Jessica McDougall