Thursday, January 17, 2008


baby present, january 08

I am a total sucker for pretty packaging! And I love polka dots. This one gift inspired me to go on a hunt for b/w polka dot wrapping paper. Of course, online you can only find it in a roll big enough to wrap the house in! I love ribbon, too.
Ordered some baby pictures today. I went with the color for the great room since we will have so many black and whites downstairs. Normally I always go with b&w....but this will work out well because the maternity picture (thanks, Allison & Linda) in the middle of the array is color will probably flow best.
On a blue note....we are very sad that Libby had to cancel her flight in this weekend due to the flu and a fever. Tommy and I were so looking forward to your visit, Lib. We must reschedule soon. Give me another month and I might be brave enough to fly out to Chesapeake to stay with you! Anyway, we're bummed you can't be here this weekend. We will miss you.
It is supposed to be veeeery cold here this weekend. It snowed some last night...but only a dusting that quickly melted with the sunrise. Pop pop and Angie are coming in to visit....we plan to visit a winery and possibly take a tour at a local whiskey distillery. These both sound very baby friendly, no? Also, Max Lucado is speaking at church on Sunday which we are both very excited about.
Also...the nursery is CLEAN! Woooo-hooooo! It took the better part of an afternoon to accomplish... I had to take a small break when I got to the part where I was to store away the preemie clothes she came home in. So, so tiny. I will save them for aways. I ordered her baby spoon today, too. Can't wait to get it. Fun mail!!
photo via L.L. handstamped jewelery

Not that you care, but our very favorite show, Prison Break, started again this week and we missed it! We forgot to continue the tivo season pass for the show from last season and we were playing with the baby and completely missed it. Does anyone else watch it? I bet the season opener was good!


JenniferPants said...

Nice spoon! Is that from Lisa Leonard's collection that I sent you the link to? I love her stuff. So cute!

It actually snowed here in Georgia yesterday! It stayed the night but melted with the sunrise today. I love snow!

Anonymous said...

Tell Ella Grandfather will see her today!
Grandfather formally known as Pop Pop