Thursday, January 03, 2008

ten things i love about you...

isabella, december 07

1 the way your sweet breath smells
2 how cute you look in the sleep sack that pop pop and gramma angie got you
3 the way your lip quivers when you are sad or hungry (it's powerful...and i hope you don't plan to use it as a weapon against your dad and me for your whole life! i'm afraid we'll cave every single time.)
4 the tiny laundry you produce (i often find myself in the laundry room just marveling at the itsy-bitsy-ness of your garmets.)
5 the way you look in our dimly lit bedroom in the middle of the night (your eyes are wide open but have that sleepy look that lingers for the first few minutes of your feeding)
6 your little hands that seem to grip onto everything now
7 the way you smile in your sleep (it's always worth the wait, you never disappoint)
8 the peace and contentment that holding you gives me
9 the way your movements are still exactly like they were in my belly
10 how you are just the right mix of momma and daddy


We are kicking off January 08 with Chris, Allison, Jack and baby t. The guys are having fun watching a never ending string of bowl games and we girls are having fun talking, eating, and shopping. We had our little Christmas last night and I can now take the tree down. Oddly enough, I am ready to take it down this year. Could be that we put it up so early because we wanted it up and done before she arrived...or it could be that we have what seems like endless baby stuff in the great room...swings, boppies, bouncy seats, play gyms, etc. This year I will gladly store away the decor and get my furniture moved back into place. Will my tree need security guards next year? Maybe. All of the ornies might have to be placed out of the reach of Ella Grace. She already loves the lights.
Off to bed now. Looking forward to the weekend...some relaxing, some hanging out, some staying warm.


The Adventures of Maverick & the Mrs. said...

What an amazing post. She just gets prettier every day!

Mike & Casey Wallace said...

Reading your ten favorite things really brought back memories from when AK was that little. Makes me think of having another... but only for a second. ha, ha. If only I could skip the pregnancy part!

JB & Angie Hatterick said...

She's beautiful...I loved your list.