Saturday, February 16, 2008

because i'm missing them...

and because I wasn't blogging when they got married and therefor did not post any pictures of their wedding (which was, by the way, beautiful....just like them.)
These loaded in a rather random here they are.....
My three favorite, brother, husband. (Tommy where is your tie?)

The bride and groom....with bride's parents.

Michigan reception kiddie table decoration

Virginia wedding decor
Why so small?? Rehearsal dinner table

I made the rehearsal dinner menus out of their engagement photos...

We walked Libby to the wedding site

Happily ever after...

I have the best little brother and he chose a wonderful bride. They are not only our family...but best friends to us, too. We are so blessed to have them in our lives.
Miss you all and hope you are currently tucked in snug as a bug in Chesapeake.


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful wedding! Your brother and his bride are just darling. Thanks for sharing the phtographs... they made me miss the warm weather even more.

Anonymous said...

What a great wedding. I love the colors and her dress was stunning!!!

-erin m said...

I know you are going to take amazing pictures at Erin's wedding. I'm so excited! Don't be have a great eye for capturing the beauty in everything you shoot :) ~erin

Anonymous said...

I can't believe Tommy did not have on a tie...just kidding. He may have lost it at the rehersal dinner. Great pictures. Kiss E for me.

Anonymous said...

Can you tell I do not like to proof read...I meant rehearsal.

libby said...

ohhhh...i love it. thanks for putting them up. you did great w/ all the decorations. i miss you

Allison said...


Chris just checked out your blog and wants to know where his picture is from the wedding? :) Ha ha ha!! He thinks the world revolves around him!


Anonymous said...

What a great weekend! Wow almost a year already. I love the picture of the guys...very handsome!