Wednesday, February 13, 2008

two fourteen

our valentine card for 08
I feel blessed beyond measure to have a whole 'nother person to love this year. matter how we favorite Valentine's Day memory will always be the one we spent in our first house sitting in front of our fireplace...which had no gas logs in it yet so we sat in front of a fire that could most accurately be described as a pipe with three jets of flames shooting out of it. Lucky for us, gas logs or not, it still gave off a romantic glow! It makes me smile each time I think of it.
No candy this year...but all was not lost...
Isabella got this.
(She had one already but it did not have the fun show to watch! Just as I suspected...she loves it. She goes crazy...kicking and smiling. And there we are...hovered over her, watching and celebrating her every move, giving each other that, "I think she's gifted" look... like she is performing the most amazing feat. And then...all of the sudden our whole hearts go to mush! This child knows not the power she wields over us and we must keep it that way!)
I got this.
(Though mine is lime and chocolate.)
On a completely unrelated note...Eat, Pray, Love has me staying up FAR past my bedtime. And so it always goes...when I am reading a book I love, I can't seem to read it in moderation. I wait till Ella is asleep and dive into it. I read right through the UK/Vandy game the other night...I know *gasp*
Run to your nearest Barnes and Noble and get it. Consider it a little Valentine's Day gift for you, from you. You deserve it.
Happy Heart Day.

To love and be loved is to feel the sun from both sides. ~David Viscot


Anonymous said...

Yea! I knew you'd LOVE the book!! Even once I finished it I kept picking it back up to read random's THAT good!


Jessica McDougall said...


your writing is so brilliant. i always enjoy reading what's new for you and your family. glad to see you got the petunia bag. take good care of it - maybe one day ella will be using it for school!

Happy V Day!
Jessica McDougall

Allison said...

So glad Ella got the bouncer!! That was Jack's favorite when he was a babe! Love PPB bags too! What a great hubby you have!!

Jack sends he love to Ella :)! He is also SO happy about you finding his Detroit Tigers hat, thank you!


JenniferPants said...

Happy Valentine's Day! (A little late.) Thanks for the card- as always it is nice getting REAL mail.

Lots of people sing the praises of that bouncy seat- guess I gotta register for that one instead of the nice plain Boppy one I had picked out!

Love your new bag, too! I have been eyeing those things but decided on a Fleurville sling tote. Let me know how you like yours. Maybe I could be spoiled and have 2? :)

Sara said...

Yes...I would definitely register for this one. I registered for the pink boppy seat because it was plain and far less obnoxious...but Isabella doesn't like it at all. She loves the aquarium one. (It's tough to look at but will buy you a good 30 minutes of time to get stuff done!)
I love the Fleurville bags, too...but ultimately fell in love with PPB bags. Get 2! You deserve it!

JB & Angie said...

I love, love, love the valentine card!