Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Happy 57th Birthday, Dad!

I'm going to borrow an idea from Angie of Count Your Blessings (she did this for her mom on her birthday) and list 57 reasons why I love you Dad!

1. Because you are the funniest person I know. (Well, Tommy AND you!)
2. Because you love the sun.
3. Because you paid me $50 to learn to ski when I was a kid.
4. Because whenever I smell leather, I think of you.

5. Because you have always been my rock. Funny that I waited to get my epidural until you made it to the hospital.
6. Because you drove like a bat out of hell to get to the hospital.
7. Because you taught me to love close-up photos.
8. Because you hated all my boyfriends but love my husband.
9. Because you came and helped me after Isabella was born.
10. Because you gave me a baby brother.
11. Because you used to give us $100 in an envelope for "Souvies" (souveniers) when we went on vacation.
12. Because you always say "natch" (naturally)
13. Because you've always loved me.
14. Because you love the beach.
15. Because you were so excited to be a pop-pop.
16. Because you always smell like coffee.
17. Because you try to take better pictures than me.
18. Because you love Pat's like us.
19. Because you love the text picture messages that I send to you of Ella.
20. Because you taught me not to eat peanut butter before bed because it causes nightmares...and I still don't.

21. Because you make hashbrowns without onions just for me.
22. Because you make Danny Boys for Janae and me when we don't want to get out of the lake.
23. Because you married Janae.
24. Because you like old pictures like me.
25. Because you gave the most beautiful toast at our wedding.
26. Because we had a hard time letting go of each other at the end of the aisle.
27. Because you love family vacations.
28. Because you always say you are proud of us.
29. Because you read my blog and leave me comments.
30. Because you come and stay with us.

31. Because you introduced us to boating.
32. Because you wait up for us when we come to the boat late...and then you stay up and have a beer with us.
33. Because you call just to say hi.
34. Because you love telling old stories with Jus and me.
35. Because you always give me good advice.

36. Because you've always told me to follow my heart. (And I'm so thankful for that.)
37. Because you sit through the "interventions" we have for you when you are working too much. ('Bout time for another one of those)
38. Because you bought me a pink radio for Easter one year (along with a Tiffany CD, I think.)
39. Because you let us...sort of..make fun of you in a nice way, of course.

40. Because you love good music and always have some playing.
41. Because you despise board games but will sometimes play them just for our sake.
42. Because you like wineries. like me.
43. Because you love to sit on the top deck of the boat and read with me.
44. Because you were the first person to "baby-sit" my baby.
45. Because you've always been there for me.
46. Because you bought me Marley and Me because you knew I'd love it.
47. Because you let Abby put her head on your lap when you're here.
48. Because you do that thing with your hand on your forehead.
49. Because you have approximately 500 "Margaritaville" or otherwise Jimmy Buffet related t-shirts.
50. Because you danced with me at the wedding of my dreams...that you and mom gave me.
51. Because you get dressed up on vacation because I insist.

52. Because you are going to be the best, most fun, pop-pop.
53. Because you sent me a twenty dollar bill stapled to a post-it note at camp in 5th grade.
54. Because you called Tommy "T-Flo" for a solid week in the Dominican.
55. Because you say halfsies (and you invented that spelling.)
56. Because you get up at the crack of dawn and save us all good spots on the beach.

It's nearly midnight and your birthday is almost over...hope it was wonderful.
We love you...
Tommy, Sara, and Isabella Grace

Edited to add....
Dad, Many many many years ago....
Looking strangely like my brother only with different color hair.
And the shorts...come to think of it, I don't think I've ever seen Jus in shorts quite this short or tight.
Hmmmm....and you wonder where we got our personalities, huh Dad???


-erin m said...

nothing says hottie on the beach like a zinc oxide nose! :)

Allison said...

Sara what an awesome thing to give your Dad. I cried b/c it was so sweet and probably b/c i'm 39 weeks pregnant!! :)Happy Birthday Ted from all of us in Michigan!!

Allison, Chris, Jack and New Baby

JB & Angie said...

So sweet and meaningful, and I know you could've listed another 57 reasons, too. Love it!

Justin said...

yo this was a great entry- I also love Dad- and I'm glad you did this. Thanks for all your hard work! Jus

libby said...

oh i cried too. i get to be related to all of you and i love it. happy birthday ted. we miss you and love you.

Ted said...

Thank you so much Sara. That was very nice. I had a great Birthday celebration with you, Tommy, and Jus and Libby a few weeks ago. I did not hate all your boyfriends...just one...and hate is a pretty strong word. How about despise, I like that better. I really appreciate the 57 reasons. Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

Your dad was hot when he was young! I'm serious!

JenniferPants said...

Sara, that was really sweet. Any kid would wish to have a Dad as amazing. I always remember your Dad as a hilarious man. And I know that's where you get your sense of humor. Happy Bday Uncle Ted!

Meg Palmer said...

Sura! How sweet are you? Loved reading all 57 of them. Hope to see you soon!

Anonymous said...

Wow!! What a Hottie..totally diggin the cut-offs! You are very blessed to have such a great relationship with your father. Tell Teddy hi for me!

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful present—now I am “Ci-ing”! He is a wonderful dad---and you are a WONDERFUL DAUGHTER !!!!!! Love you, Mom

Mark Pattison said...

That is the nicest gift.... No wonder why he is proud of you!

Anonymous said...

So Nice! I think I will do this for my Dad who is turning 60 in June...

Anonymous said...

Sara, you sure are a lucky girl. Happy Birthday Ted!!! Looking forward to the Tommy Boys at the lake this summer.


Anonymous said...

I meant Danny Boys!!!

joel and amy said...

A truly lovely post, as usual! Lucky dad...lucky daughter!

jessica McDougall said...

how amazing.
i love great father/daughter bonds.
cheers to you and your dad!

jessica mcdougall

krista said...

Sara sure has a way with words...just like you have a way with grand daughters, it appears. Hope you enjoyed your birthday. Belated good wishes.

Krista S.