Monday, March 03, 2008

It is too late and I should be in bed...but I am up with a sort of nervousy, antsy stomach. Could be that I shared a cup of coffee with Tommy at 11pm....which is way out of character for me (for both of us really) but it sounded good, given the sudden drop in the temperature. I had the windows open all day and am now covered in clothing with a space heater humming away nearby. So...maybe my body is revolting against a morning beverage for a late night snack. I have always been totally grossed out by the whole "breakfast for dinner" idea. I think I'd rather skip dinner altogether if I had the choice of eating eggs or eating nothing.
Or....maybe, perhaps, quite possibly...this nervous stomach is because Allison will be having her baby via scheduled c-section in just a few hours. The thought makes me woozy. Not the surgery, but the meeting. The seeing for the first time the life that somersaulted inside of you for so long. The first breaths, the cries, the thanks going up to our God in bucketfuls. The bond that almost immediately forms up. The cord being cut and strengthened all at the same time. It's the world's largest cocktail of emotions with a cute little umbrella included for good measure.
She'll be drinking that cocktail at 7:30 am and I am nervous for her, excited for her, and really just plain antsy. I wish I was there. I would cryyyyyy...oh, I know I would. I can't even catch a glimpse of that universal white receiving blanket with the pink and blue stripes without getting weak in the knees. Still to this day, when I see one on tv, when I spot one in the pediatrician's waiting room, when I turn the page to find one in a Parenting magazine....I am transported back to our own delivery room and before I know it, I am sipping on my own cocktail of emotions again.
Anyway, before I drift off tonight, I will be praying for a healthy baby tomorrow morning. I can't wait to get the call that reveals boy or girl. Another baby to add to our little family- by- marriage brood. How incredibly blessed.

WADE SYBRANT arrived healthy and happy this morning...looking very similar to his handsome big brother JACK CHRISTOPHER. We love you guys and will see you in April.

We had a big and busy weekend around here. A little shopping in our old town, dinner with good friends on Friday night with lots of laughing and nodding our heads in agreement as they have a baby girl just 16 days older than ours. Running around like crazies on Saturday. Cooking with my moms until late, late Saturday night. Isabella's dedication and lunch party on Sunday. A four generation photo shoot with mom and grandma. Lots of great stuff to post about. But, I am really only thinking about my better half this evening. Unfortunately, he has picked up some sort of funk and has been under the weather....sleeping in absurdly long stretches, sniffing, clearing his throat, and looking pitiful. He has that throat thing where it never feels wet, you know the one. yuck.

the space between, February 08

Babe, I have missed you these past two days. I think of a million things I want to tell you while you are sleeping off your sick. Every lid is too tight and the remote acts wonky. I have to resist the urge to "wake you up to check on you" because I really just want to wake you up and keep you up (AND check on you, of course.)
When you finally stumbled out into the daylight this afternoon with your pillow induced mohawk, I was so happy to see your face. Ella's tiny bow lips curled with recognition as she spotted if to say, "Hey, I know that guy....but I can't place the hair." We've both missed you. We are looking forward to a cleared up, geared up you.
Feel better, love.


-erin m said...

shew. thanks for saving my sanity. a comment and a new post! At this point i'm not sure i can give out that address yet...there's no posts yet...keep ya fingers crossed :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks baby. I am starting to feel better and have missed you and Isabella during these past two sick days. I will be at full strength on Wednesday and ready to take you on a date. I Love You with all my heart and am very blessed to have you and Isabella as my baby girls!
Love Tommy

Allison said...

Thank you for your kind words, your worrying and your truly amazing friendship, it is all a gift from God. I can't wait for you to meet little Wade. Jack says hi and that he misses the doggies! :) Hope Tommy feels better soon!
Much Love,

Anonymous said...'s different. I like!

Ted said...

Congrats to Allison and Chris. Tommy, I hope you feel better soon. Sara, thanks...a cocktail is a great idea.
Dad and Pop Pop