Saturday, March 08, 2008

dedication luncheon photos + old, random photos

We are snowed in. 12 inches! It's been quite nice. We've all spent lots of time together. I have gotten lots of housework done (ie mopping, dusting, sweeping, etc.) I dread the day when Isabella wants to go play in the frigid temperatures. I will need a long extension cord for my space heater! Even as a kid...I took a couple trips down the hill with the tube and then I was knocking on the front door for my mom to let me in! I'm not a fan of the cold. (Dad, remember when you paid for an all night ski pass for me and I took one trip down the bunny slope and then headed for the lodge and spent the rest of the night by the fireplace?) Tommy and I have said, more than once this winter, WHAT are we doing here? We must move to Florida or California quickly! I know, I know...the seasons. We'd miss them terribly! But this winter and it's ugly, dreary days have caused us to lose perspective. Speaking of how we hate winter...our baby has her first cold. Keeping with the theme, I over reacted. Was it pneumonia? Something worse? Emphysema from that one time we sat sort of near a guy smoking a cigarette?? Nope, turns out it's just a little cold...most likely from Noah's Ark...the gym nursery. Seriously, her tiny cough and congestion are pitiful.
We are expecting to be snowed in again tomorrow which is fine with us. It's March Madness, you know.

The first section of photos below is from the dedication luncheon last Sunday. The next set is a random group from the past couple of months. I have been going through pictures trying to put them into chronological order. I ordered 380 4x6 dating from November to February that I must write on the backs of and put in albums. Maybe a project for tomorrow morning? I love pictures. I could look at old ones over and over. In fact, I do.

(click on the picture for a larger view)

dedication lunch table, march 2007

cousins, march 08

your party, march 08

visiting with family the night before the dedication, march 08
(the big empty corner in the great room is due to the fact that we pulled the big armchair into the kitchen so my 90 year old grandma could be in the kitchen where the action was.) Also, I did clean off my desk (left corner of photo) before the party. Another also...the bulb is not burned out over the's just that my dad insists on unscrewing it so it doesn't shine too brightly on the baby! He does it every time he's here, don't you Pop Pop??

the cake I made for ella's dedication lunch, March 08

o l d p i c t u r e s

pepper, ella, abby, february 08

abby kate and isabella, lil a d pi roommates, February 08

keeping your tootsies warm like mommy does, february 08

baby chase, February 08
(not a baby anymore, ONE)

your first new years eve. it was crazy! december 07
(These would be all those empty frames I mentioned several months ago! They are nealry all filled now!)

your baby slippers from aunt b, December 07
(they made me melt)

balloons from family and friends to welcome you home, November 07
you saw 'em for the first time!, January 2008
your parents have a sick sense of humor, huh?, January 08

sitting like a big girl...all by yourself, February 08

toes barely touching on the new exersaucer, February 08


Tracy said...

I read that you were going to have to write the date on the back of the pictures? If you order from somewhere like, they print the file name on the back of the picture. If you name your picture the date, you will always know when they were taken. (ex ~always start with the year so they stay in order on the computer~ 20080308_001,20080308_002 etc,) It has worked very well for me. It has saved me from writing on the backs of them. Just an idea, happy picture dating!
Oh and what a beautiful cake

JenniferPants said...

You look so much like your Mom in the photo of New Year's Eve. I know daughters don't always love to hear that, but...

Pretty cake, is that Grandma's icing from the angel food cake she use to make? Looks similar.

Anonymous said...

Hello's been forever..i'm truly so happy to see how well you're have a very beautiful family, and this website is amazing, I would love to catch up on some of our classic old stories,which are unforgettable!
Time flies and it's hard to believe i've been married for 11 years and I have three babies of my own, Madison is 10, Mckenna is 7, and Mason is 4! My kids our my sunshine, and they are growing up way too fast! I will be home in July and I would love to talk about WVHS days:) and of course our wonderful families, keep in touch and lots of love Ronette:)

jessica McDougall said...

wow, the cake is amazing.
i love the teeth pacifier!

thanks for sharing the photos!

Jessica McDougall

Casey Wallace said...

Great pictures! Yeah, wouldn't it be crazy if AK and Ella ended up as college roommates like us? Hopefully they'd do much more studying, haha.

Alison said...

Great pictures! Love the teeth binki- how funny. Ella is the cutest- just like her momma. :)

Anonymous said...

What a fantastic cake, I especially love the cake plate. You and Ella will love the exersaucer for the next few months!

The Adventures of Maverick & the Mrs. said...

GIRL! That cake is gorgeous! And way to go on figuring out those A D Pi living arrangements so early! Only the best sorority for such a sweet girl! :)

Swistle said...

OMG, you MADE that CAKE?? Are you not aware that only EXPENSIVE CELEBRITY CATERERS are allowed to make cakes like that???

The table looks so pretty. The all-white is striking---and so are those chairs, which are GORGEOUS.

Anonymous said...

When are you going to come to school and eat lunch with us? We want to see that baby! (and you, of course!)