Thursday, March 13, 2008


Hard to believe that we just took a stroll around the neighborhood this afternoon with short sleeves on when this is what it looked like less than a week ago. Isabella seemed to enjoy her first real snow. (She likes bright things!) And, as you can see from the photos...I let her sit by the windows and watch it fall.

backyard snow, march 2008

watching snowflakes from the bumbo seat, march 2008

snowday entertainment, march 2008

watching snowflakes from the exersaucer, march 2008

Pepper always has loved the snow! He would stay out in it until his paws were frostbitten if we would let him.

Pepper in the snow, March 2008

As pretty as it was, we are very ready for Spring. Today's weather was a big teaser for us. Ella and I met Blake and Palmer for a quick lunch at Panera today and there were people eating outside! I could hardly believe my eyes! There wasn't a Northface garmet in sight. Spring is flirting with us, if I may be so bold!
I am looking forward to Easter. (I love Easter Baskets because my mom, er..the bunny used to give me such great things. One year I seriously got a Michael Jackson slicky suit that went "swish, swish" when I did the moon walk and a folder that was shaped like a Wacko Jacko record on top. I was elated! Who knew the guy would later dangle his first born over a 10-story balcony?) Anyway, I am looking forward to filling her Easter basket with some baby goodies. I am going to be trying some new Easter egg techniques a la we will see how it goes.
We have to fill our family eggs for the upcoming neighborhood hunt, too. Although, after checking the weather just now, it looks as though our Easter outfits will need to be thermal.

This year, Spring will also bring a wedding. A very special one, at that!'s getting so close!

bridal shower fortune cookie, e&j, march 2008


-erin m said...

soooo....i'm thinking your easter baskets were pretty intense! Here i am thinkin' i was hot stuff with a large box of peeps, and huge chocolate bunny! dang.

the redhead said...

hey. i'm still here. i visit you site, just not so good at leaving comments.

looking forward to pics of erin's wedding. you must post.

to answer the question about the bday t-shirts, i believe they just wrote on the shirts with permanent marker, no stitching necessary. did you see the shirt with "bird" on it...a tribute to the ole college nickname.

-erin m said...

ewww....i like the new look! very cute pic of isabella up there. How did you change the background color??

Meg Palmer said...

Love the pics! What happened to our lunch date? I've gotta come see that beautiful baby!