Sunday, April 13, 2008


e & j, wedding day, 4.12.08

We are back home after a busy weekend in my hometown. I photographed the rehearsal and wedding of an old, dear, and true friend. Though the weather wasn't our friend, the evening turned out perfectly. She is now cruising along in the ocean...probably sipping on a fun drink with a little umbrella in it side by side with her new husband. I haven't started the long process of wading through the pictures deleting/sorting/editing, etc...but this one caught my eye so I took some time after dinner to edit it so I could post it. I think it captures them. Simple happiness. Together. The reception was great fun. We met so many wonderful people and enjoyed celebrating with the bride and groom.
Isabella spent lots of time with her Gigi and her great Gigi while we were "working." Mom reports that she was an angel. Tommy and I missed her. I carried her picture in my pocket all night and showed it to lots of people I haven't seen in too long. It still sounds funny to say "my daughter." Am I old enough to have a daughter? The reality is...YES! I'm old enough to have three of them! YIKES.
In unrelated news...I am looking forward to getting together with Blake and Tex and Palmer tomorrow night. Blake and I are going to watch The Memory Keeper's Daughter (tivo'ed it) since we read the book in Book Club last year. The guys will.......entertain their kiddos!
Also looking forward to visiting with Allison, Chris, Jack, and baby Wade this weekend. We will finally get to meet the babe in person. That's exciting.
Thanks for the rice cereal/sleeping advice. We will hold off on the rice cereal for sure. (I think I'll go to pieces if I see my baby actually EATING from a spoon, anyway!) While we were away this weekend she slept in her pack n play and slept soundly all night. So...we are thinking that the problem was that she is waking herself up by hitting the sides of the cradle (or more accurately, the big aquarium musical thingy that is hooked to the side.) We removed it from the cradle and will see how she sleeps tonight. If she still wakes herself up, the cradle will go into the storage room and we will put the pack n play in our room. I really prefer the look of the cradle to the pack n play....but then again, I really prefer solid sleep over broken up sleep. We've also decided that she'll stay in our room for now. That works for us. If she needs therapy for dependency issues later in life well, we'll just have to hope we still have good insurance.
Monday is nearly here. I'm off to bed.

***Rickert, do you read this blog? We absolutely adored the baby gift you sent us (the bibs are perfect because they look so cute and she has to wear a bib all the time because of her frequent spit ups!) but we don't have your new address to send you a thank you note. Please comment here or email it to me if you read this...or if anyone else (Ann, Amanda, Brandy, etc) reads this and can send it to me, I would be so thankful.


-erin m said...

That picture of them is lovely. I'm sure you did an amazing job this weekend. You definately got some "memorable" shots. I'd say a good half of the 300+ that I took are LK. Hmmm....wonder why :) If anyone looks at them they'll be like..."uh..was there a bride and a groom??"
ps. tell justin my word was MUCH harder..qjnknxzb!

chesnye said...

Oh, I know how you feel about cradles... Will Henry's was still in our room until January!! I just couldn't bear to put it away. And just think... my hubby will have to pay for therapy x3!!
The picture of your friend is just beautiful! Glad you had a great weekend. :)
Oh yes, you will enjoy the movie... we read it in book club too.

the redhead said...

beautiful picture. congrats to those two. and just to add a quote from some of the old days...."Dotty, this ones got glass in it."

Miss you guys.

Anonymous said...

Yeah for Erin and Joe. I love the picture and can't wait to see some more of them. Will you post them here or on the other site? Wonder if she can check from the cruise ship??

joel and amy said... just reminded me that I meant to tivo the Memory Keeper's Daughter. I wonder if it will rerun? Tell me how it is!

Anonymous said...

Hey, what are you thinking making these important decisions without my input. Rice cereal is oh so fun. Try it anytime now. Sounds like it's time to help her find her thumb when the pacifier falls out. Or, it may be time for a little lovey. I put Clara to bed with her mini blanket and then took it out after she went to sleep. But, now I let her have it all night. Whatever you decide will be just right, because you are her momma and you know best! Hoping to visit soon!

Casey Wallace said...

Everyone's right when they say all babies are different. I gave AK rice cereal between 4 and 5 months. When she learned to swallow it, she started sleeping all night without doing the pacifier-dropping thing. Coincidence, maybe, but I'm doing it with the next child a bit earlier for sure!

Do you have a video monitor? That would solve your distance problem. We still use ours everyday. It might possibly be the best baby item. You'll be able to determine - before you go up there - whether she has dropped the paci and also WHERE she dropped the paci with out fishing in the dark! :)

The Adventures of Maverick & the Mrs. said...

What a beautiful picture! You are very talented. Was that your major? Just gorgeous!

Allison said...

The pictures is beautiful!! I can't wait to see more and I know they will be just as beautiful!! Can't belive you'll be here in two days!! Wade can't wait to meet you all and Jack jumps up and down everytime we tell him you are coming!

Cindy said...

Erin slept in our room until Tara arrived FIVE YEARS LATER. Then Tara slept in our room about the same amount of time. Neither one of them has been to therapy, but I can't say they haven't needed it. Ha! Ha!
P.S. It's been a long, long time, but I remember being a big fan of the rice cereal and similac nightcap.
Enjoyed your photos. She is beautiful.
Cindy Mulcahy