Monday, April 21, 2008

dancing with daddy, april 08

We are back from a very fun weekend in Grand Rapids where we got to meet baby Wade for the first time! I have pictures of the babies and Jack but am too scared to download one. more. thing. to my laptop! I am in the middle of proofing photographs for 4 clients and would be more than in trouble if the computer decided to give up. Once I get a few orders finished and cleared out I will post pictures of the weekend. Until then, you can sneak a peak at the newest Thompson over on their blog. We enjoyed our trip, as always! This was Isabella's first road trip and she did quite well. She only freaked out once...and that was when we were two hours from home on the way back and I totally pushed the envelope by insisting that we make a quick stop at the outlets. Outlets are never quick though...and she was way done with sitting in her carseat. She continued to cry....even after I showed her that I was, indeed, shopping for her! Uh, hel-lo! You may not cry while I am buying you cute clothes.
Anyway, glad to be back safely. We have a busy week ahead. All the way home from Michigan we concocted a rather large to do list containing all the things we've been meaning to do around here but continue to put off. We more procrastinating! We are pretending to be on a serious deadline. By Friday---everything must be completed. We knocked out two of the biggest items on the list of which was painting the powder room ceiling. I've only been meaning to do that since we moved in!! The other item was a nursery decoration that needed to be created an hung. While we were upstairs Tommy and I mused that we have spent an awful lot of time and funds on a room that never gets used. Oh well. At least when we take her up there to get ready...things look nice. We have many more things to accomplish. It's a good time for getting things done. The weather is outstanding. We had the windows open and the radio playing while we worked tonight. Spring is lovely, really. So fresh. We officially have our flip flops out.
Speaking of flip it tacky to paint a baby's toenails? I'm guessing you are nodding "YES" frantically at the computer screen right about now....but I thought I'd ask. I'm so tempted.


Anonymous said...

I say one year. Anyway--how would you get her to hold still while they dried?
Tried to call you this weekend. I forgot you were out of town.

The Thompson's said...

Thanks for a great weekend! We had so much fun and Wade enjoyed meeting you all! I would totally paint her toes nails. But you might have to do it while she sleeps so they have time to dry!

JenniferPants said...

It's amazing how long home projects can go undone. Even the most minor of things! We have a piece of painted, cut molding for the baseboard in our laundry room that has been sitting there since we moved in over 6 years ago. All that needs to happen is for a few nails to be hammered into place. Ain't happenin'! Can't tell ya why! Too much work, I guess. Good luck with your list- do it!

Paint her nails! It'll be cute. But you gotta get her some flops to go with her pedi. :)

Love ya!

mfhelm said...

Oh my gosh, she is the cutest thing ever. I am always intrigued to check out your blog.


Amy said...

No nail painting...she is too sweet for it when she is 16! or 21.

Casey Wallace said...

Not tacky. I already painted AK's!

kristen said...

half of me says paint that little cutie's toes bright red.
the other half says she's already growing up too fast. Don't rush it.
Thomas is looking rather GQ in his striped shirt. woo woo

Anonymous said...

Hi, I am hoping to get a chance to call you today. I am sure you have been as busy as me, but that is no excuse. I have contemplated painting C's toes a time or two as well but haven't done it yet. She took five steps yesterday!!!!