Sunday, June 08, 2008


I'm late again, lovey! You're surprised, no?
How can it be that half a year has passed since we first met? I will always look back on your sixth month as The Month of Rapid Growth and Change. Daddy and I took you on your first airplane ride on your 6th month birthday (it wasn't exactly to celebrate your 6th month birthday, but it was a nice coincidence, don't you think?) and maybe it was the altitude in beautiful Colorado or the hotel water..or something...but all the new experiences began to transform you in to a little girl. Your baby features are giving way to real life characteristics. You are alert and particular. You even flirt! The young man who sat behind you on the plane really caught your eye. You made a game of smiling at him and then diving for cover in my chest. The flight attendants loved you. The hotel concierge loved you. The taxi drivers loved you. Daddy and I were proud to be with you! You were spreading smiles all across this new city. I love your happiness, Isabella. It is contagious...a proverbial ray of sunshine. ('Cept when you're hungry.)

Our trip was a success. Our room had a breathtaking view of the mountains and we had sweet and simple fun hanging out, just the three of us, in a big comfy bed. We ate delicious food, went to unique little pubs, shopped, rested, watched the sunset, walked and swam....and you hung right in there. You even slept soundly in an unfamiliar port-a-crib that was more metal than mattress.
We were so pleased with your traveling performance that we arrived home at midnight on Friday evening and headed to the lake for a long weekend at 9am the next morning. Again, so many new experiences for you! Making rounds up and down the dock with your Pop Pop, getting rocked to sleep by the gentle waves of passing boats, bathing in the kitchen sink, and even swimming in the cooler! Pop Pop kept saying you were a natural. I think he's right. You seem quite at home and at ease on the water. A chip off the old block.

We are enjoying many playdates this month, too! It is so fun to see you interact with other babies your age. You smile and lunge toward your little friends. I wonder what you are thinking when you see a teeny person just like you. I hope you will enjoy many fun times with your friends. I am so looking forward (but not rushing toward) having your friends to our house. I will help you set up tea parties and forts made of blankets just like my mom used to do for me. And, I will come and get you, no matter what time it is, when your courage wears off at a slumber party. In fact, you might not even have to call! Your dad and I might already be in the driveway. We'll be missing you , too, I bet.

You are almost sitting up now! You are still too unsteady to be left unattended....but sitting or standing up with help is what you prefer. You fancy yourself a "big, big girl!" Maybe this is due to our repeated sing-songy "How big is Baby Ella" games fashioned after your favorite How Big Is Baby Elmo book. This is bittersweet for me as you used to prefer being cuddled in my lap. Often times when I am holding you now you arch your back and begin an awkward slide down my legs. I knew this time would come. Even though I think I savored every moment of you being content in my arms, I find myself second guessing. Did I cherish it enough? Because I think it is almost over. Pretty soon I will probably have to promise you candy or a sticker or something for just a few minutes on my lap. Okay, Okay...I am jumping ahead a little bit...I admit. I have a tendency to do this with you. Sometimes when I see you playing with one of our friend's little boys I look at your dad and say how will you ever give her away on her wedding day? As if you and the other infant have been sitting in your respective swings talking about where you will get married and what type of home you will settle into! Momma's dramatic, little one....always late and very dramatic.

So many times over the course of the past month people out in public have asked me, "Is she your first?" They all ask it in a way that makes me think it is written all over my face...that you are my first and that I am so madly, deeply, crazily in love with you! What gave it away, I want to ask. Is it the fact that I am stopped in the middle of the grocery aisle just staring at you while you sleep, oblivious to people trying to get their carts around me? Is it that the light has been green for 30 seconds and I am paying no attention to it because half my body is in the backseat playing patty cake with you? Is it my industrial size pack of antibacterial wipes that gave it away? What is it?
They never give a reason, of course. Instead, they just shake their heads and smile. "I thought so," they say as they watch us carry on. Sometimes their eyes get shiny and I know in my heart that they are thinking about their all-grown-up-firstborns.
Oh, it's not that I will love your siblings any less at's just that I feel like we started from scratch with you! You have been so patient and sweet...letting us practice on you, gathering the recipe and the ingredients as we go along. We've fumbled around with everything from breastfeeding to swaddling to temperature taking...and you've just kept on being your perfect little self. You've kept on growing and developing in spite of all of our inexperience and naivety.
You are our first. And.... firsts are just inexplicably special in a first-y sort of way.
Another thing perfect strangers will say is, "She is the happiest baby!"
And this time my eyes get shiny as I think to myself,
"And I am the happiest mother."

I love you, Ella Bella!

**All photos from 6th month photo shoot.


Anonymous said...

Usually the words are my favorite part----but this time it's the photos! I want the one in the pink hat, close up please! And I think A should have one for her bulletin board, too.

JenniferPants said...

A lovely post as always! Such sweet words that I know she will one day cherish. And the photos!! Oh my gosh what a cutie! And sorry to say but yes, a litlle grown up. She's a beauty and so happy. You guys have done such a great job with her. Love ya!

Ted said...

A wonderful post... You take fantastic pictures.
Love, Dad

Anonymous said...

Love the pink hat and love the little sailor outfit. So cute!

susan said...

sara. she is the most beautiful little girl. what a special month. i love every stage--but the stage that you all are in is so much fun!!! cherish every second!

Amy said...

Wow Sara, she is changing so much! She is such a beautiful girl. And..a lucky baby to have two wonderful parents!

The Thompson's said...

Love the post Sara. Ella will love reading all of these someday. The portraits as always are amazing and I have your first photoshoot request in Michigan!!


Palmer's Page said...

What unbelieveable pictures and unbelievable words as always. Those pictures are breathtaking. You and Tommy are doing a great job, get ready for the next 6 months they are filled with much more excitement and milestones!

Anonymous said...

Pink Hat! Where did you come from?? I must know!!
Oh and is lunch at your place next week?

Anonymous said...

You are an amazing mother to our baby girl. She is growing up so fast and has created so many wonderful memories for us during her first six months. Thank you for pouring all of your heart and soul into raising our baby girl and also our marriage. As always, you continue to amaze me!
You two will always be my baby girls.
Love You

Staci said...

How precious!! She is an absolute doll and the words you are sharing with her through this blog will greatly impact her when she is older. I love reading your blog and learning about your family and how blessed you are. God is so good!!

Staci H.

Meg Palmer said...

Hey Sura! I've been waiting for a new post! Those pics are absolutely priceless! She has gorgeous eyes! Sounds like you guys are staying busy! What part of CO did you travel to? I'm glad to hear her first flight was a hit! We hope to see you guys sometime in the near future! Tell Tommy, Isabella, and the pups hello for us!

JB & Angie said...

I love, love, love the pics with Isabella in the white dress. She's beautiful! Hope you all are enjoying this HOT weather....

The Adventures of Maverick & the Mrs. said...

First off, let me say that I'm in NO WAY surprised that all of Denver fell in love with her--WHO COULDN'T?! She is simply breathtaking---and THOSE BOWS!! Where in the world do you find those?! They're exactly what I've always sworn my little girls will wear, which is funny, as it's not the only thing we have in common. The name we want to name our future daughter (someday) is Ella Claire (and call her by both--you know how we southerners love a double name:) after my great grandmother. I'm so sentimental, and luckily my family has some names I love. We'll probably end up with a house full of boys! :)

SAS said...

She is so precious! I am friends with Christina and Susan (if it is SV that is responding). I found your blog through one of thiers! I love your letters to your sweet girl and you are a fabulous photographer. I am private, but if you would like an invite, please let me

Casey Wallace said...

Great pictures, beautiful words. Since she's such a great traveler, I insist you guys come to NC to visit us this summer!

Anonymous said...

hey sara...amazing post and pics. i cried. i do that though you know. i wish i lived closer. you do not make it easy. see you in august? i need too. i miss my sister. aunt libby

myra said...

sara, sara, sara! your words are beautiful and more importantly your daughter is beautiful!!! you have such an amazing talent with words and your photography! ...and i love that you are still always late.(me too) :)

the redhead said...

yes yes yes...the shampoo. i would horde each bottle every day so they would keep bringing more and more. came home with 5 or 6 bottles plus the bar soap.

we went to PLAE, but didn't get there until 9ish and on a Sunday night. They only had the bar menu available so we got several appetizers. they were great. wish we would have made it for dinner. was curious to see the entire menu.

Jessica, Chris & Luke said...

Hi Sara,
It's Jessica (Goetz) Cicchinelli. I got to your blog through Angie's. How are you?
Your blog is so sweet, I wish I was half as creative as you are. The pictures are adorable and you are an awesome writer!
I have a son, Luke, who is 8 months!! If you're ever up in NKY we should get together for a play date. Tell Tommy Hello. Your daughter is beautiful.
Take care.