Saturday, January 17, 2009

Hope you are keeping your buns warm on this frigid weekend.

Isabella, 14 months, finally too big for sink baths.

We are enjoying a low-key, home bound weekend. Miss Isabella got sick on Thursday and is just now coming out of the fog. Check out these "sick eyes."

She will never be able to fake being sick...her eyes are the obvious sign. They sag and droop and run like crazy. It is pitiful to see. She gave us quite the scare on Thursday night when she spiked a 105.2 fever. We were an inch away from the ER but the fever broke pretty quickly with cool rags, 8 ounces of juice, and some serious prayers. We sat in the living room in near silence...just willing her to cool down. She was so lethargic and her one cheek was even more red than it was earlier in the night (pictured above.) We went to the doctor on Thursday afternoon and she was hysterical as they checked her (I swear, it's in our genes...we don't even like stethoscopes!) She cries so hard that it kills me. I make Tommy hold her as I can barely take it. This time, she acted like the baby scale scared her (she weighs 18 pounds now!) and cried the whole time she was being weighed. She has a double ear infection... the second one she has had in her life and a little worse this time, it seems. Just one more way in which she is Daddy's little he spent the first year of his life with severe ear infections! As of today, Saturday, she is showing some signs of normalcy. IE...she is back to slinging things off the coffee table, making her usual facial expressions, grabbing the phone out of our hands, etc. Thank God...I'm glad to see her smiling again. Fingers crossed that Tommy and I stay on the up and up. We are both running on little to no sleep (she has "slept" in between us for two nights and I use the term sleep very lightly because there wasn't much sleeping going on.) So, we are enjoying resting and catching up on things that needed to be done around here. We will have to skip church tomorrow (because her cough is still very bad!) so we will have some breakfast and watch on the internet in our PJ's.

This is 27 weeks pregnant. Does it look like 40 weeks to anyone else? Yes, that is what I thought.
I don't know how this happened. I also don't know how I will add 12 more weeks of growth to this monstrosity! I will, indeed, be as big as a house. I will not be posting photos at that point. No matter how big though, I am always reminded of what a great and wonderful blessing this is. I wouldn't trade it for the world. All the aches and pains (and they are a plenty this second go round) are way overshadowed by the movements and the knowledge that someone is growing in there. It's amazing how God knits a child together (and how he made our skin so stretchy!)
At this time in my pregnancy with Ella I had her nursery nearly finished. I feel bad that we have yet to even start on his nursery! I have some ideas though...and we just have to decide which room we will use. I am hoping to choose furniture by the end of the month.
Nesting seems to me as real a part of pregnancy as a growing belly. The obsessive need to clean, organize, get rid of things, re-do, move around, etc. The urge has arrived and no one is more pleased than Tommy himself. He loves when I start with the crazy ideas and to-do lists. He begrudgingly works through the tasks with one eye on the football game. In addition to nesting, I am having the urge to make things...I am on this handmade kick and I see something everyday that I add to my "want to create" list. Sadly, I am not talking about recipes....more like stuff. I always enjoy being creative...but this is a little over the top. I suddenly have this inflated idea of what I am capable of--as in I am picturing myself rocking by the fireplace hand-embroidering onesies. Probably not going to happen...but it's a happy little thought. I am seeing sweaters at Anthropologie and seriously thinking, "I could make that!" when clearly, I could not even come close. It's baby brain at its worst. Perhaps I will just make the crib. Carpentry seems like a snap!

I am off to watch a riveting episode of 48 Mystery and then to bed...looking forward to sprawling out and sleeping soundly without worrying about the middle section of our "capital H." She will hopefully sleep soundly and fever free up in her room.


Jennifer said...

Whoa on the fever and on the belly! Glad Isabella is getting better. That must have scared the crap out of you guys. Yeah, your belly is looking rather, um, pregnant? :) That's the way it's suppose to be! It is such an awesome feat- growing another human in your own body. Glad to hear things are going well with him.

You get the double-whammy with nesting coinciding with New Year's resolutions. There'd be nothing left in my house. We'd throw everything out and paint every room a different color.

Can't wait to see the new nursery.

Anonymous said...

Glad Isabella is getting better. She is a cutie. Love the pregnant pic, too. It is not big. I think we just forget how much they really do stretch. AB

Kaela said...

I came across your blog from One Pretty Thing. Started at the b-day party post and kept reading. Loved the birthday party, super. But I had to comment on this post - I have a 16 month old and delivered his baby brother on Thursday. Anyway, totally agree about the nesting this time around - I've cleaned and made more in the last few months, than the last few years. Pregnancy hormones are great, right? Goodlyck with the rest of your pregnancy!

P.S. If you check out my blog, you'll see we used baby food jars as favors too!