Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Things I love about you right now...

One of the things I scribbled down on my "goals for 09" was to take more candid photos. Each time I get busy with photography, my photo journalism of Isabella's growing up totally suffers. There will be weeks that pass when I forget to pick up the camera and take pictures of the everyday things she does...the imperfect, unposed, low light, spur of the moment shots that will be our favorites to look back on, no doubt. So yesterday, I grabbed the camera and took a series of photos of her...just being her. She isn't dressed up and her nose is mildly flaky due to teething...but the following shots capture her perfectly.
Some things I love about you right now....
~how you will give daddy or me your last cheerio if we pretend to want it.

~how your legs go crazy with excitement to see us at the end of the work day.

~your facial expressions. You have so, so many! Everyone notices them and thinks they are so funny.

~the way you say "uh-oh" as a warning before you do something you know you aren't supposed to.

~the way you are enthralled by daddy's laptop and the way you peek around the screen while he is working on it.

~your dramatic side. Even though we frequently tell you to calm down....I think your fake cry is rather cute. (But I'll never tell you.)

~your dancing. Somehow, some way...you were born with music in your soul and you start bouncing and clapping each time you hear any kind of music.

~your squinty, sleepy eyes in the morning. No matter what, you are always smiling when one of us comes up to get you.

~the way you do the "more, please" sign on speed when we've given you something new and inappropraite like Sprite. (only a taste...shhh)

~the way you shake your head yes or no at random. You have no clue what you are saying (most of the time) and sometimes we use you like a Magic 8 ball...."Isabella, should we go to ________ for dinner?"
"Should we move to a new house?"
"Do you think we will be off school for snow tomorrow?"
We put a lot of stock into which way your head shakes.
Grandma Tuey recently brought you some new clothes and she tried to slip a pair of bright pink, stiff, strawberry shortcake capri pants into the mix. I caught it and said "no, no...no cartoon capris" and she laughed and warned me that it will probably be all you want to wear when you get older. So I did the only logical thing...
I turned to you and asked,
"Isabella, do you like tacky clothes?"
Sadly, you shook your head in a big dramatic
Oh well.

~the way you grab the remote and hold it high over your head (like you've seen us do many times) and watch the screen to see what happens.

~the way you hum along when I sing "Jesus Loves Me..." to you before bed.

~the way you play with your books and pretend to read them.

~the way you so often creep into my thoughts when I am busy doing other things.

~your laugh. your precious little laugh.

~how you switch paci's very decidely even though they are all the exact same.

In short, I love everything about you.
But you probably already knew that.


Jennifer said...

I love the candids. She's so cute- there couldn't ever be a bad photo of her. It's fun to hear all of the little things she's doing. It's so important to write it down because you know we won't be able to remember it all, sadly. Sounds like she's got a budding personality! So cute and neat to see take shape.

And Sprite, Sara, come on. ;) Ha! Just kidding. But seriously, I almost returned the Gerber puffs that I just bought for Cooper to try because they contain sugar. He's never had sugar before, I said to myself. Then I rolled my eyes at my own ridiculousness and opened those babies up and poured them in front of my little man. :)

L&J said...

so cute. we miss you

Casey Wallace said...

AK just had her first sip of carbonated beverage a couple of weeks ago. We let her have a taste, of course, for our own entertainment. The face she made when she felt the fizzy drink on her tongue was priceless. And then she wanted more. :)

Love the pics. Hope to see you next week! Call me and let me know what day/time is best for you.

Anonymous said...

Yes, the candids are fantastic! It allows us to see more of her precious little personality!

Jennifer Bogard

Anonymous said...

Love the candids! Lets us see more of her precious personality!

Jennifer Bogard

Ted said...

She is beautiful. I would not worry about Sprite...Ella has already tasted Land Shark.
Pop Pop

The Adventures of Maverick & the Mrs. said...

Those candids are AMAZING! LOVE THEM! I'm with you on the character junk. Ick. Unfortunately, though, that does seem to be what they want when they get a choice. ;) Glad to see all is well with one of my favorite bloggers!