Monday, August 17, 2009

Apparently I set myself up for failure by putting in writing that I will update the blog more often. I then go on to forget about it entirely!
Anyway, this is a favorite photo from vacation. That's our sweet baby Jack keeping himself content by the big doors during one of Isabella's naps. Tommy and I would sit out on the balcony and chat, have drinks, work on laptops, etc. He's such a good baby...we are so blessed.
And that amazing water...I'm missing it today.
Friday night we went to a marriage conference at church where I proceeded to fall in love with my husband all over again. We are music lovers and they played all our faves by John Mayer. We picked up the kids at Tommy's parents and stayed there visiting until midnight. Then we got up early and headed off for a fun filled weekend at the lake with the kids and several other couples. It was lovely and we still have "boat legs" from spending our days out on the water. You'd think we'd be water logged...but we are planning to head to the pool when Tommy returns from work today. We're also planning to walk "downtown" for some rasberry-limon gelato. Upon tasting her first bite, Isabella will squeal, "yumm-may!"

School is starting this week and I am not. I have mixed feelings. But mostly...I'm feeling very content at home with my two babies and my growing business. All three are fairly hard to keep up with! I have signed up to sub here and there so that I can see all my old students, visit with my colleagues, and possibly even wear heels! Look out! Will my feet even tolerate such a change?

The big question lingering in my mind today....will Justin and Libby be having a baby boy or a baby girl? They find out today!

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