Monday, August 10, 2009

One of my most favorite parts of our annual vacation is hanging out with my brother and his wife. My brother is the funniest person I know and we spent a better part of the week laughing until our faces hurt. Seriously. I feel so blessed to have a sibling in this great big world. And he married someone completely wonderful. Together, we all have quite a time and coming home is sad for all of us. Isabella is still asking for "Unky and Ibby" in the mornings and Tommy and I are still telling and re-telling hilarious moments.
This year, we had the added excitement of their percolating baby! It's beautiful to watch their anticipation...especially since I know what love they are in store for.
I came across this picture tonight and couldn't resist playing around with it a bit. I truly love it. Hope you guys do too...pick a size and I'll order it for you.
So happy, so blessed. Excited for January when I'll get to hold him/her in my arms.

Will try to post lots of vacation photos this week. Jack and I finally made it into the header photo! Woot!


L&J said...

i love it. i cried when i saw the pic and the verse and all you wrote about my dear husband! thanks for loving us the way that you do. you do it so well. i want the picture big i think. for our bedroom..any size suggestions? thanks sara. love you libby

The Thompson's said...

Love the picture sara! could you order me one in a 5x7 or 8x10. I need and updated pic of lib and justin. So glad you had a great time in Florida!

Anonymous said...

Your new blog look is just beautiful. I love your family pic! So glad you had safe travels. You never told me your brother/sister in law were expecting! How exciting. Hope to chat soon. Back to school tomorrow! Call me any afternoon after 1:30.

Anonymous said...

i have just 3 requests of you

1. some honey turkey

2. bleach my boat

3. let me see your c.h.


Anonymous said...

this is great. great news and great photo. your little brother has always been quite the looker!