Tuesday, January 26, 2010

opening pez-zents.

Now Isabella can be just like TuTu...an ironing addict!
It took her a bit to warm up to the fact that this one wasn't "HOT!"

The nice sister that she is, she offered to iron the unsightly wrinkles out of Jack's blanket.

Trying out the new sleeping quarters for the dolls.


Has anyone seen Jack?

There she is...the favorite gift of Christmas 09..."Red baby." (Aptly named for her very red outfit.) We have no idea what the attraction is...but she hasn't slept a night without red baby since Christmas day.

Jack studies some blocks and decided they're better to teethe on that to build with.
By the way...# of teeth to date: 0.

Some stocking stuffers...

A tea set (perhaps we should've gotten Jack one...he seems to like it! Look at that face!)He's like "Nu-uhhh! No way!"

A farm and a playhouse...interesting right away, but haven't been touched since.

A very popular gift...the "mommy's helper" stool from Pop Pop! No more sitting on a barstool to "help" at the kitchen counter!


Casey Wallace said...

You can tell Isabella that I had a blue doll - properly named "Blue-Baby" - for many wonderful years before her head was so brutally torn off by my brother. Moral: don't let Jack get Red-Baby alone! :)

Very cute pics, Sara!

Anonymous said...

that mother's helper stool is brilliant! where did it come from?

Ted said...

Red Baby is so cute.
Pop Pop

Anonymous said...

Awesome pics Sara, I love the one where Big Sis is kissing Lil' Brother.......Sweet! ~Shirl

Ted said...

onestepahead.com to get the mother's helper stool

Meg Palmer said...

Love all the pics! How adorable are they? You are so going to have your hands full! Let me know if you are ever in NKY! Can you please post more often? Thanks!