Wednesday, March 03, 2010


I love the way you start every sentence with "Mommy..." and end it with "Mommy." As in..."Mommy, can you hold me, Mommy?"
{And seriously, yes, yes I will. For the rest of your life.}
I love your wit and sense of humor. You are so funny. It's in your genes. Your father is the funniest guy I know.
I love your hair {even though it is what makes you look so much like a big girl.} When it's wet, it goes all the way down your back.
I love the way your eyebrows move up and down when you talk about something secretive.
I love that your teachers at school love you.
I love that when I pick you up from school, you run to me like we have been apart for weeks.
I love that you are mine.
Mine to be proud of.
Mine to pray for.
Mine to dress up.
Mine to kiss.
Mine to snuggle.
Mine to care for.
Mine to shop for.
Mine to surprise.
Mine to make things for.
Mine to hold hands with.

You are mine...and I love you more than you know.


The Templeton's said...

Oh my gosh! I can't handle those pictures, she seriously looks like such a big girl! I just posted about where we were a year ago and time just seems to fly! I hope we get to see you all soon! Thinking about you daily. Love ya

Ted said...

Wonderful post Sara. E is beautiful. I had so much fun baby sitting yesterday. The only part of the post that is hard to believe is that E's dad is the funniest person you know. "Here am I".
Pop Pop

Casey Wallace said...

What a big girl! And still beautiful as ever!

Hey, we're coming home for a couple of weeks. Will you be around between March 26 and April 10?

Anonymous said...

You are an amazing mother to her. It is very evident that the two of you will be best friends forever. Your baby girl adores you just like your baby boy and husband do. Thank you for being the special person you are to this family. I LOVE YOU! TJF
p.s. pop pop does run a close 2nd on one of his good days!