Monday, March 15, 2010

Feeling blessed to be married to my best friend.

Just returned from Nashville where we bought a sports car I mean, we bought tickets to the Kentucky games. We had a wonderful time! Perhaps more important to note...the fact that I left the children for the first time and went out of town! I left them here with my mom so I wasn't worried (about anything but her sanity!) but I still had moments of Empty Arms Syndrome! The first night we arrived, we were having a quiet, romantic dinner (two adjectives I haven't used in a while) and out of the corner of my eye, I caught a lady doing the violent knee bounce with her 8 month old...trying very hard to enjoy herself, eat her steak before it turned to ice, and have a conversation with her husband...all the while trying to keep her baby boy from ripping the tablecloth off and ending the date. At once, I felt both relieved to be enjoying some time away and also out of place being without my babies. As we walked back to our room that night, we saw a room service pizza box outside someone's hotel door with a crayola masterpiece on the top of the box and we immediately smiled that "we miss the kids" smile. (And then we proceeded to sleep soundly and HARD for quite a few hours straight...which made us smile, too!) We stayed at the Opryland Hotel...which is now one of my favorite spots on the earth. It is similar to a cruise ship in that everything is under one roof...and that suits me just perfectly. We will take the kids back in a few months.
As for the Cats...what can we say? Saturday's game was tons of fun. It was the first one I had been to in several years and we had fantastic seats. I do not have the words for Sunday's was so so much fun. The arena was deafening and the energy inside was unreal. Each time I looked over to give Tommy a high five, he had chills! Is that a true sports fan, or what? No chills for me...but a sore throat and sore muscles from the screaming and jumping. The girl in front of us had a sign that read "CALL ME, COUSINS!" And I am still laughing about that. Happy to be a part of such a state-wide tradition. Happy to love the state in which I live.
Very, very happy to have spent a weekend with my best friend.

**Thanks for the grandbaby-sitting, Mom. We owe you!**


Jennifer said...

Sara, I was laughing at your words here. You are so funny and I could totally hear your voice coming through in this post. Also, I can absolutely relate to your experience in the restaurant. Been there. It's that good/bad feeling you get when you are without your kids but see other parents with their kids...

I'm glad you guys had a fun experience together. Alone. It's good for you! :)


Anonymous said...

Glad you all had fun! It was a great weekend for the Cats!J was super bummed to be watching it from a bar here in the Derby City, but he lived! Now-get on planning that girls weekend! You promised!

Anonymous said...

We watched from here. You Wildcat fans are crazy. Saw one girl wearing a jersey as a dress with stilettos! What the?

Anonymous said...

Go Cats!!