Thursday, January 06, 2011

An afternoon at the park with just our little family....
a favorite pastime...eating Jack's toes...
my little space cowboy

my sweet girl looking like an angel

jack boy

a morning at panera with my babies...

farm milks...that's what we call 'em.

the morning nap..long gone now.

decaf iced mocha...momm'y favorite way to start the day.

little hands dipping into the little cream cheese.

little hand in mine.

This one makes me laugh out loud. Isabella had a paint accident and then a restroom accident all in the same day at, I picked her up and found her dressed in some throwback clothing that belonged to the school (or lost and found possibly) The drop waist denim jumper, the oversized pink tee, and the matching colored socks made her look like someones tiny grandmother. The worst part? She told me on the way home that she loved the outfit and hoped they would let her keep it!

this is still one of jack's favorite things to do with daddy

these little numbers are a fixture around our house and I figure we've given no less than a thousand dollars to the Avent company. Tommy wants to patent a paci locator.

delicious baby feet

Play dough. She calls is it Pluto and it always makes me smile.

The plastic eggs are brought out of storage!

almost tall enough to see out the front doors. she is now.

clowning around


Jennifer said...

That jumper ensemble is toooooooo much! Just lovely!

I, too, have "invested" quite a few benjamins in the Avent Corporation. :) Where do they go?? The only one I ever recall losing is the one we left in the grocery cart about 6 months ago. I swear the others just evaporated into thin air. :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing your beautiful children and beautiful photos. I love seeing them smiling and happy.

Anonymous said...

Yes! Sara Floyd is blogging again. Finally! Now we can all have a small portion of joy at the end of our day with her sweet pictures and words. Love you Sara!
-citizens of Earth

libby ryder said...

i literally laughed so so so hard at ella's jean jumper outfit. i remember you calling me on your way home from picking her up. but i had never seen the actual outfit. man i laughed so hard that ava came over to me and looked confused. love it.

Ted said...

I like the denim outfit...looks like something Pop Pop would have picked out, if there was a denim shirt to go with it. Great pictures Sara. Thanks for posting.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, so happy to see fresh pics. So adorable. My fav so far is Ella in the jumper. Hilarious! The same thing happened to Clara not so long ago, but I didn't think to take a photo (darn). She was in jeans that were somewhere between knee length and capri and white socks pulled up to cover the rest of her legs! I pack extra clothes for her now. Hope to talk to you soon! Just four or five weeks to go!!!!!

Casey Wallace said...

Hahahaha, the oversized t-shirt under the jumper... so funny. Nearly woke up my girls just now laughing at that! I can just see your face when you picked her up... trying to disguise your horror in effort not to make the teachers feel bad. Loved all the pics! You all look great!

Ted said...

Jack's feet look slightly pronated, I will check him out when I come down.
Pop Pop