Tuesday, December 11, 2007


seeing you with your only great grandpa made me miss my two grandpas. i wish they could have met you, held you, loved you. oh how they would have loved you. pop pop's dad would have held you in "the pocket." gigi's dad would have called you "chick-a-dee" just like he used to call me.
you may not have all of your great grandpas ... but you certainly have 2 GREAT grandpas who love you to pieces. you're very blessed that way.

{by the way, happy 3 week birthday, love! It's hard for me to believe you are that old...but it's also getting harder and harder to remember life before there was you.}

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Mike & Casey Wallace said...

It's a special feeling to hand your child to all the people who helped raise you, isn't it? I remember it being the best feeling to hand my daughter to my mother right after she was born. Like a gift. Such a great moment!